Abba Adaptor Kit 31

Product Code: 525109
Abba Adaptor Kit 31

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The flagship award winning abba superbike stand has been leading the way for over 20 years, with its simplicity, versatility, ease of use and unrivaled quality.

The abba superbike stand, with the appropriate fitting kit, fits well over 300 different motorcycle models. Numerous "add ons" enable you to lift the front end, raise both wheels simultaneously, remove the swing-arm and even maneuver your bike around in confined spaces.

With all these advantages and many more its easy to see why the abba superbike stand is widely considered to be the most useful & versatile stand on the planet!

Looking to purchase your first motorcycle stand? Or maybe your currently struggling with the awkward, tedious and risky balancing act required to use a conventional paddock stand safely on your own? Either way look no further than the abba Superbike Stand. This total one person operation stand fits onto the swing-arm pivot of the motorcycle. The beauty of the abba superbike stand is it can be simply fitted when your bike is leaning on its own side stand therefore eliminating the need to hold the bike upright whilst trying to fit a stand to the bike, as you would have to do with a conventional paddock stand. The bike can then simply and safely be lifted into the upright position using the integral telescopic extension lever.

The abba Superbike Stand requires no modifications or parts to be fitted to your bike whatsoever, your machine stays totally standard. Should you change your motorcycle its a simple case of upgrading your fitting kit for your new machine, fittings can be changed on the stand in a matter of seconds.

The abba Superbike Stand locks to both sides of your bike, ensuring rock solid security when your bike is fitted to the stand.

Both wheels can be safely suspended off the ground at the same time when used with the abba front lift arm or even your own jack/prop.

But don't take our word for it! Take a look at 100's of customer reviews (tab above) and multiple motorcycle press comments (below). Not to mention the stand is used by motorcycle manufactures, dealers, MOT stations, UK Police Forces as well as 10,000's of satisfied customers worldwide.

We are also proud to boast the abba superbike stand has won an MCN product award and 2 Ride magazine recommended triangles!


Motorcycle Press Comments ...

"These stands are a real must, even if you only use the stand to hold the bike upright for cleaning it's worth the money."

Motorcycle News


"Easy to use alone and your bike won't fall off it."

Ride Magazine


"Raise your bike with confidence. abba Superbike Stand lets you work on your bike without the fear of a fairing-crunching accident."

Motorcycle News


"This is a major boom, the main advantage of the abba over paddock stands was it's ease of use. One weedy person could easily and safely haul a heavy bike onto the stand. A paddock stand would have been a far trickier proposition."

Bike Magazine
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