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700.00.70 Mosfet Regulator/Rectifier

700.00.70 Mosfet Regulator/Rectifier
This new technology has replaced the concept of three-phase-to-phase regulator. For many years, these devices use silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), to direct the excess energy from the generator to the ground and so to keep the battery voltage constant. This has been widely accepted and proved for small and medium-sized generators in internal combustion engines adequately. However, the new control technology, based on MOSFET transistors becoming increasingly popular due to improved performance and many other interesting advantages over the SCR. The energy demand in modern motorcycles and ATV rises today through the use of additional electronic modules such as fuel injection, high-efficiency lighting, numerous accessories, etc. on getting stronger. This means a large amount of energy coming from the generator and the SCR shunt regulator is not able to regulate this yet. The main reason is the low energy efficiency, the internal losses of the controller lead to overheating and premature failure when flows are directed more than 35A on the controller. As a result, the SCR technology has reached a limit and therefore is not recommended for large vehicles with high energy consumption. To solve this problem mentioned previously, it was necessary to reduce the losses in the circuit. When the SCR is active (generator current to ground), it comes at a high voltage drop in the forward direction (approx. 1.5V @ 35A) because it works like a power diode. When the power is now increasing, growing parallel power dissipation (eg heat). LOSS OF EQUIPMENT (W) = PASS CURRENT (A) X DROP VOLTAGE (V) Advantages: - 3-PHASE SHUNT REGULATOR WITH HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY - OUTPUT POWER UP TO 50A - PRECISION ELECTRONIC CONTROL BATTERY VOLTAGE TO PREVENT MISFIRE - LOWER HEAT DEVELOPMENT LEADS TO HIGHER LIFE - LOW POWER STANDBY MODE WHEN VEHICLE IS NOT USED In contrast to other transistors, MOSFET transistors can be pronounced as a voltage-controlled switches, because by a completely different semiconductor architecture to become more efficient in dealing with the energy. When using it behave like a resistor with low-denomination for high currents, which directs all the excess current of the generator in the mass. This is the voltage drop very low (less than + /-0.2V @ 35A) and the power loss is drastically reduced. This has a direct effect on lower heating of the device and long service life of the controller. The MOSFET technology has been continuously improved in recent years because of their wide application in consumer and industrial electronics. The semiconductor integration technology offers higher resilience in reduced space with excellent efficiency. In addition, they allow for faster switching, higher reliability and better control at high loads. The rectifier diode performance is another important factor when it comes to performance loss. Because all of the output current flows through them, they must provide both robustness and stability, as well as efficient power control. Our MOSFET controller use hochstromverbesserte rectifier diodes with extremely low voltage drop, which will help to avoid overheating and to meet the aforementioned requirements. The internal CONTROLLER has been completely revised to adapt it to the requirements of the MOSFET transistor. The battery voltage is constantly monitored to adjust the output current to the different consumption situations. The new electronic control avoids the use of the ignition line, reducing the number of connections and simplifies the cable topology. It also has a low energy consumption in standby mode, which has a very small discharge of the battery result, when the vehicle is not in use. Thus, this new technology allows the output of the regulator to raise up to 50A and to have an excellent voltage regulation. Additional benefits such as reduced heating, high efficiency and advanced electronic controls make this new controller is the first choice to control the battery circuit of your vehicle.


700.00.70 Mosfet Regulator/Rectifier
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