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Mityvac Brake Bleed Kit

Code: 533338

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Price: £43.99

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Transforms brake bleeding into a one-hand, one-person task. A tedious chore now can be accomplished in minutes. Kit includes repairable pump, reservoir jar with transfer lid, storage lid, brake bleeding adaptor package, 24 inches of 1/4in (inner diameter) tubing and instructions.



Reviewed by Dave H 21 Jan 2014
Great tool once youve selected the right connector for the bleed nipple. This took the first 20 minutes as I thought the one I chose first was a good fit but it wouldnt bleed so eventually chose the least obvious fitting and hey presto lines bled and total fluid replacement across 2 calipers in 10 minutes. And the brake lever is very firm with no sponginess. Result!
Reviewed by John 23 Nov 2012
Gets the air out of the lines very quickly, but had to spend 10 mins doing the job the old fashioned way to get a firm feel at the lever.
Reviewed by eddie 21 Feb 2011
saved a lot of time and frustration , didnt know that these vacuum hand pumps exist
Reviewed by yamahaDave 19 Jan 2011
This kit made bleeding the brakes on a Honda Goldwing simplicity itself.I had previously tried the pipe & jamjar method but could not pump fluid through system.Will only use this kit from now on. Wish i had bought one years ago!
Reviewed by 3 Dec 2009
Made The System of Bleeding My conbined braking system (CBS) where I had to bleed 5 brake lines single handed a simple operation.
Reviewed by Jerry 30 Nov 2009
In my top 5 most valued tools. Easy to use, saves loads of time. Excellent

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