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ACF-50 Anti Corrosion Formula

Code: 540911

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Price: £14.99

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Imagine a world without corrosion! Just think, no rust, less maintenance, cleaner engines, greater reliability, higher residual machine value. How much easier things would be! Now imagine a highly sophisticated, non-toxic, active, thin film water-displacing compound. A compound with salt blockers and corrosion inhibitors that stays active for up to 12 months. A lubricant so advanced that it is approved for electrical components (40Kv dielectric yet NO electrical contact resistance). A product that will stop existing corrosion as well as preventing it from starting. A product that was developed to help jet aircraft stay airborne. As close to ZERO CORROSION as nature will allow.



Reviewed by cliff-P 19 Nov 2013
Just buy a tin! Its lasts for ages and stops your bike corroding. Why wouldnt you want this? Great stuff!
Reviewed by Hondaman 19 Nov 2011
I have used ACF-50 for the past 3 winters - Nothing comes near it for overall protection. Testing odd bolts, caliper pins etc is a waste of time - all you need to know is that ACF-50 does the business!.
Reviewed by bob greenwood 19 Aug 2011
i use it alot as i ride all year round,great product but lets not get carried away,i put two new steel allen keys outside one had acf 50 on and the other with gt85,both are now red rust after two months,but the acf50 is not as badly corroded.
Reviewed by Colin 9 May 2011
Bought it to protect my bike and its pretty good but it really came into its own on the ignition switch. Had a new one fitted recently but the key was always a bit stiff & I worried that it would either snap or I couldnt get the steering lock off. Tried GT85 & 3 in 1 without much success but ACF 50 is awesome. It worked first time and only needed one application. Even if I never used it for anything else it would have been worth the money but it can be used on anything at all. Brilliant.
Reviewed by kj 23 Mar 2011
not to mention polishing up coachwork (fairing, tank, top box, headlight glass, windshield), plastic or metal, including exhaust pipes and silencers.
Reviewed by Mark 15 Mar 2011
Eats rust for breakfast. The business
Reviewed by Nick Woods 27 Feb 2011
ACF-50 is excellent as a rust preventer or easing fluid, but its biggest asset is that it can be used to flood electrical connections and switch-blocks, removing oxidation and protecting them indefinitely. It is dielectric, meaning it has no effect on the electronics but just keeps the metal surfaces in prime condition. Definitely the Italian-bike-enthusiasts No 1 spraycan!
Reviewed by 13 Dec 2010
Expensive stuff but worth every penny.
Reviewed by FJR1300 11 Nov 2010
just has to be the best for all around. just works well on seized parts to, used it on the mothers in law 306 seized brake balance left it for the day and was nice and free by next day.
Reviewed by Nibbs 5 Aug 2010
Great stuff, better than FS365 and stops rust dead. A must for all bikers or anyone who wants to prevent the dreaded rust.
Reviewed by 24 Dec 2009
have jetted it on, pity it didnt spray on,lot of drips ,have to wait till better weather to go out on the bike.had good reports about it so lets see
Reviewed by Graham 14 Dec 2009
Have used it since I had my new bike in 2006, and has been realy good not a sign of rust, works really well.
Reviewed by mark 23 Oct 2009
great stuff works a treat, highly recommended, like WD40 only on steroids!

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