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Gerbing Battery Charger and 2 Batteries

Code: 589522

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Price: £85.99

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Two 12V Hybrid Heat Batteries + Charger Kit great for Hybrid gloves.

Lithium Polymer Batteries deliver all the advantages of Lithium-Ion, including no memory effect and a low self-discharge rate when not in use. And Lithium Polymer batteries are lighter, can be configured into more shapes, and dont require a metal case. Additionally, they can be charged and discharged more times. Gerbings Hybrid Glove Batteries are designed to fit inside a pocket on the gauntlet of each glove. Ideal for the commuter who doesnt want to be tethered to his bike. You have all the advantages of on-bike/off-bike heat because wherever the gloves go, the heat goes. Because they must fit in the glove gauntlet, the Hybrid Glove batteries take full advantage of Lithium Polymer Technology and are quite small. Yet they provide as much as 3 hours of soothing heat.

Each glove battery has its own 3-position microprocessor temperature controller. Just push the button and it changes temperature settings.

  • 12 V
  • 1.1 Ah
  • One Batter For Each Glove Approximate Battery Capacity Per Charge
  • High: 1 Hour
  • Medium: 2 Hours
  • Low: 3 Hours


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