Stop and Go Mini Air Compressor

Product Code: 587464
Stop and Go Mini Air Compressor

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The new Stop & Go Portable Mini-Air Compressor measures only 4" x 2" x 6" making it possible to be carried on virtually any motorcycle or ATV. The built-in gauge allows you to observe the increased pressure with a reading up to 120 psi. It also comes with a built in LED light letting you know that it is receiving power and helps you connect to the tire valve after dark. There are three choices for tapping into your power source. You can use the enclosed cigarette lighter adapter, alligator clips onto the battery cables, or directly to the SAE power plug. Your motorcycle tire will be fully inflated in less than 10 minutes. And with this nit you also have the ability to inflate sports balls and camping equipment.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 587464
Weight Limit N/A
Ride Recommended N/A
Helmet Size N/A
Tyre Width N/A
Tyre Depth N/A
Tyre Speed N/A
Tyre Rim N/A
Load N/A
Front / Rear N/A
Jacket Size N/A
Shoe size N/A
Material N/A
Manufacturer N/A
Size N/A
Glove Size N/A
Size N/A
Main Colour N/A
Ride Style N/A
Manufacturers Part No. RCP
Product Group Tyre Repair
Size N/A
Battery Type N/A
Bulb Fitting N/A
Bulb Type N/A
Size N/A
Hat Size N/A
Chain Links N/A
Pitch N/A
Chain Type N/A
Equivalent No.s N/A
Features N/A