341-01610-1 Alloy Throttle Tube with Bearings

Product Code: 600015

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341-01610-1 Alloy Throttle Tube with Bearings

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  • Honda CRF 250 And 450 2009-2010

  • Motocross Alloy Quick Action Throttle Tube, Bar End Inner High Speed bearing Fitted To Give Quick Throttle Reponse
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 600015
Protects N/A
Weight Limit N/A
Ride Recommended N/A
ABR Recommended N/A
Sprocket Pattern N/A
Sprocket Teeth N/A
Helmet Size N/A
Trouser size N/A
Leg length N/A
Tyre Width N/A
Tyre construction N/A
Viscocity N/A
Tyre Depth N/A
Tyre Speed N/A
Oil Type N/A
Tyre Rim N/A
Load N/A
Front / Rear N/A
Jacket Size N/A
Shoe size N/A
Material N/A
Manufacturer No
Main Colour No
Size N/A
Glove Size No
Size No
Ride Style No
Manufacturers Part No 341-01610-1
Product Group Throttles
Size N/A
Battery Type N/A
Bulb Fitting N/A
Bulb Type N/A
Size N/A
Hat Size N/A
Chain Links N/A
Pitch N/A
Chain Type N/A
Equivalent No.s N/A
Features N/A
Exhaust Finish N/A
Pad Dimensions 1 N/A
Pad Dimensions 2 N/A
Pads per set N/A
Part position N/A