Advance Ultra 4 Litre

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Advance Ultra 4 Litre

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A fully synthetic lubricant with R.C.E Technology, designed to provide Shellï¿_ï¿_ï¿_ï¿_ï¿_ï¿_ï¿_ï¿__ï¿_ĉÛ_ï¿_ï¿_ï¿_s ultimate engine protection and performance for all kinds of modern bikes. The latest generation of motorcycle engines require premium synthetic oils to maintain the highest standards of protection and performance, whatever the engine size.

To ensure you get the correct oil filter don't forget to put the make and model of your bike in the comments box on the delivery details screen.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Shell
Product Group Oil
Viscocity N/A
Size 4 Litre
Oil Type 4 stroke
SKU 592492