Chain Monkey Motorcycle Chain Tensioning Tool

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Chain Monkey Motorcycle Chain Tensioning Tool

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Improve Performance

Motorcyclists using Chain Monkey will improve your bike’s performance by enabling optimum rates of acceleration and motorcycle safety.

Riding at high speeds with an incorrectly adjusted chain can be extremely dangerous.

Prolong Sprocket Life

If the chain is too tight it will cause more friction and wear out quickly. Too loose, and it can jump and snap teeth.

By correctly tensioning the chain with Chain Monkey, the sprocket will ultimately wear less and save you money.

Increase Chain Life

Using Chain Monkey will dramatically reduce the risk of chain wear.

Reduced friction by correctly tensioning the chain will result in prolonged life of the chain.

Optimize Power Delivery

Chain Monkey gets the optimum, sustainable performance out of your bike to the manufacturers intention.

A chain at the correct tension optimizes power delivery, from your wrist to the road.

Provide a Smoother Ride

A sagging chain and rough gear changes can disrupt a serene ride through the mountains or ruin a lap time.

Enjoy a smooth ride up and down the gear box with Chain Monkey.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Main Colour Orange
Manufacturer Tru-Tension
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SKU 679240
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