Colortune Kit 10mm

Product Code: 547764
Colortune Kit 10mm

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Morgan Colortune

The Colortune has a clear spark plug that lets you look into the combustion chamber while the engine is firing. The colour of the combustion flame tells you if the mixture is correct. With the carburettor mixture screw you can then adjust the flame colour to get the correct mixture.

The Colortune has colour charts and comprehensive instructions to carry out the job effectively. An effective flame colour - diagnosis section is included in the booklet. Comes complete with periscope for recessed plugs.

Take the guesswork out of engine tuning with the Colortune.

The world famous glass topped spark plug that gives you a window into the combustion chamber so you can see the flame.

Why is this important? The flame's colour tells you the richness of the air/fuel ratio. A yellow flame means a rich mixture and a blueish white flame a weaker mixture. Usually a bunsen blue flame is spot on.

The Colortune is so simple that anyone can use it. It works on the principle that certain fuel mixtures burn with a certain color.

The Colortune will work on both motorcycles and cars with carburettors. Just adjust the mixture screw to get the correct flame colour.

Also works on injection systems that have a mixture adjuster. Mainly older injection systems.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Main Colour No
Manufacturer Morgan
Size No
Tool Sizes No
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Weight Limit No
Size 10mm
SKU 547764
Manufacturers Part No 10MM
Product Group Vacuum Gauges