Putoline Fuel Stabliser 325ml

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Putoline Fuel Stabliser 325ml

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Fuel Stabilizer is an advanced protection product for the fuel system. If the motorcycle is not used for a month or longer and fuel remains in the tank, there is a risk of the petrol oxidizing. Rubber and paint (dirt) are then deposited in the tank and in important parts of the carburettor. This in turn leads to difficult starting and a rough-running engine. Fuel Stabilizer prevents these problems.

Instructions for use:

  • Add the entire contents of 1 bottle to 50 litres of fuel
  • Rock the motorcycle backwards and forwards until the fuel and Fuel Stabilizer are well mixed
  • Run the engine for a few minutes
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Putoline
Product Group Fuel Additives
Viscocity No
Size 325ml
Oil Type No
SKU 593110