JMC Fully Synthetic 10w50 4 Litre

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JMC Fully Synthetic 10w50 4 Litre

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JMC 10w50 is a high performance motor oil based on HC-synthetic base oils, which was specially developed for use in high-revving 4-stroke motorcycles with wet running in oil bath.

The JMC 10w50 is suitable for all 4-stroke motorcycles with common oil circuit of the engine, clutch and gearbox. This oil is particularly characterized by a high thermal stability and also provides for continuous use and high speeds a stable lubricating film. This property guarantees low wear on engine and transmission components, and also meets the stringent Reibwertanforderungen the JASO MA2 and ensures the best clutch performance.

  • Including customized for current Honda and Yamaha models by viscosity grade
  • High wear and corrosion protection of the engine and transmission
  • Stable lubricating film even at very hot oil and very high loads
  • Extremely shear stable - "Stay-in-grade"
  • Best clutch performance due to the stringent requirements of the JASO MA2
  • Fast lubrication and low wear due to cold cold favorable viscosity
  • High protection against oxidation by selected HC synthetic oils and special additives
  • Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic motorcycle oils brands

In order to exploit all the advantages of product, a complete oil change is recommended.

Specifications and approvals:

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer JMC
Product Group Oil
Viscocity 10w50
Size 4 Litre
Oil Type 4 stroke
SKU 604894