KPH-MPH Top Cable Mount Converter

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KPH-MPH Top Cable Mount Converter

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Converts the speedometer and the odometer from kilometres to miles per hour. It achieves this by the means of a clever little gearbox connected directly to your speedo cable. Before you purchase one of the devices, you need to ascertain whether your bikes speedo is electronic or mechanical. This can easily be checked by looking at your front wheel, if there is a cable running to it from the speedometer then it is mechanical. However if there is an electric wire going from the speedo to the gearbox the you will need the electronic version. There are two types of Mechanical Kilometer Converters, an upper cable assembly which connects straight into the back of the speedometer, and a lower cable assembly which connects into the wheel fitting. You can use either one of these depending on your own preferences, or depending on space available.

NOTE: Suitable for Japanese imports only (not Chinese models) All Hondas will require the upper cable converter.
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Additional Information

SKU 501839
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