BMW K1200S/R Abba Road Stand

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BMW K1200S/R Abba Road Stand

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The BMW specific Superbike Stand is suitable for the K1200 S-R, BMW K1300 S-R - BMW R nineT motorbikes.

This stand utilizes the exact same design and operates in the same way as the award winning "abba superbike stand" however the dimensions of this stand are suited to the BMW's geometry and shaft drive. It comes complete with its own specially designed fitting kit for theses models.

Looking to purchase your first stand? Or maybe your currently struggling with the awkward, tedious and risky balancing act required to use a conventional paddock stand safely on your own? Either way look no further than the abba Superbike Stand. This total one person operation stand fits onto the swing-arm pivot of the motorcycle. The beauty of the abba Superbike Stand is it can be simply fitted when your bike is leaning on its own side stand therefore eliminating the need to hold the bike upright whilst trying to fit a stand to the bike, as you would have to do with a conventional single sided paddock stand. The bike can then simply and safely be lifted into the upright position using the integral telescopic extension lever.


  • Totally safe, 1 person operation - guaranteed!
  • Extremely stable and secure, as the abba superbike stand locks onto a solid point it is far more stable than a conventional single sided paddock stand.
  • Both wheels can be safely suspended off the ground at the same time when used with the abba front lift arm or even your own jack/prop.
  • The abba Superbike Stand can be used for full maintenance, it will allow the whole bike to be disassembled including the shock, linkage, forks, yokes and engine.
  • When fitted to your bike the abba superbike stand adds extra security against theft.
  • All abba products are made in the UK at our headquarters in Essex by skilled engineers with over 30 years experience in the motorcycle industry. Made to the highest standards and all backed up with a full guarantee.

Fitting kit information.

The fitting kit included is the same for the K1200, K1300 - R nineT models. One side of the fitting kit is to be fitted to the bike itself prior to using the stand. As you can see below the abba fitting (gold color) is fixed to the bike by removing the centre bolt from the BMW swing arm disc, once removed the abba fitting is a perfect fit to locate inside the disc recess and is then held in place by a screw (supplied in the kit). This is a very quick and simple fit and takes a matter of seconds to complete. This fitting can be left in place at all times (we recommend you use a thread locking agent) or fitted before each use of the stand if you prefer. The opposite side of the fitting kit is a male pin that inserts inside the 12mm hex key hole on the bike, this part remains on the abba stand and is not to be fitted to the bike. (Below Left: R nineT Right: K1200) See below for K1300.

Additional information when using on BMW K1300 Models Only:

The gear linkage arm on the K1300 covers the swing arm pivot disc, the arm must be lowered to gain access to the disc before the fitting can be used. By removing the bolt above the foot rest this will allow the gear linkage arm to be disconnected. After the stand has been used the linkage can then be bolted back in place. NOTE: For this reason the abba fitting cannot be left in position on the K1300 model.

Additional information when using on BMW r ninet Models Only:

When using this stand on the BMW R nineT the rider foot pegs need to be folded and tied in the upright position to allow clearance for the stand. We now supply in the kit x2 "reusable cable ties". These will allow you to quickly fold and retain the pegs in the required upright position and can be reused time and time again. Note: The picture to the right is an example of how the pegs need to be tied up and do not show the ties supplied in the kit.

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