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Oil is not only the life blood for your motorcycles engine, but also for your motorbikes suspension and gearbox. We have full comprehensive range of every grade and viscosity of motorcycle engine oil available from all the leading brands on the market such as Castrol, Shell, Motul and Silkolene for all types of engine. M&P Motorcycle accessories also carry a full range of motorcycle suspension oils and gearbox oils for road, off road and race applications

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A comprehensive range of motorcycle gearbox oil from brands such as Silkolene, Putoline and Motorex.

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  • Motorex Gear Oil 10w30 ...

    Synthetic performance, special transmiss...

    Special Price £9.99

    Regular Price: £12.49

  • Putoline Genuine V-Twin...

    Putoline Genuine V-Twin Gear Oil 1 Litre...

    Special Price £11.19

    Regular Price: £13.99

  • BOA 90EP 500ml

    Silkolene BOA 90EP Gear Oil 500ml

    Special Price £4.67

    Regular Price: £5.84

  • SRG 75 1 Litre

    Silkolene Pro SRG 75 Fully synthetic...

    Special Price £15.03

    Regular Price: £18.79

  • Comp Gear 1 Litre

    Silkolene Comp Gear Semi-synthetic,...

    Special Price £11.50

    Regular Price: £14.37

  • Motorex ATF Super Auto ...

    Automatic transmission fluid, synthetic ...

    Special Price £10.39

    Regular Price: £12.99

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1-12 of 29

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