Rock Oil 10w40 Motorcycle Semi-Synthetic 4 Litre

Product Code: 692701
Rock Oil 10w40 Motorcycle Semi-Synthetic 4 Litre

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Motorcycle 10W-40 Premium grade semi-synthetic 4 stroke engine oil meeting the exacting demands of modern high performance motorcycle engines.


Advanced additive, high detergent formulation ensures maximum engine component protection and superior resistance to deposits and corrosion, resulting in extended engine life and optimum performance under the most arduous of conditions.

Rapid cold start circulation, providing maximum protection during initial start up.

Passes crucial clutch friction test required to meet the JASO MA specification, allowing safe, predictable use in wet clutch applications.

Motorcycle 10W-40 meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • API SL

Typical Physical Characteristics

Viscosity Grade (SAE)       10W-40

Density @ 15C                   0.876

Viscosity @40C (cSt)        105.9

Viscosity @100C (cSt)       14.5

Viscosity Index                    150

Appearance                         Amber

NOACK Volatility              13% Max

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 692701
Protects No
Weight Limit No
Ride Recommended No
ABR Recommended No
Sprocket Pattern No
Sprocket Teeth No
Helmet Size No
Trouser size No
Leg length No
Tyre Width No
Tyre construction No
Viscocity 10w40
Tyre Depth No
Tyre Speed No
Oil Type 4 stroke
Tyre Rim No
Load No
Front / Rear No
Jacket Size No
Shoe size No
Material No
Manufacturer Rock Oil
Main Colour No
Size No
Glove Size No
Size 4 Litres
Ride Style No
Manufacturers Part No No
Product Group No
Size No
Battery Type No
Bulb Fitting No
Bulb Type No
Size No
Hat Size No
Chain Links No
Pitch No
Chain Type No
Equivalent No.s No
Features No
Exhaust Finish No
Pad Dimensions 1 No
Pad Dimensions 2 No
Pads per set No
Part position No