Motorex Power Syn 4T 5w40 1 Litre

Product Code: 600796
Motorex Power Syn 4T 5w40 1 Litre

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Fully synthetic high-performance 4-stroke engine oil, specially developed for demanding use in hypersport motorcycles with powerfus engines, gearboxes and clutches with optimum protection over the entire range of applications.

  • Aggressive power development
  • Optimum wear protection
  • Ideal for wet multi-disc clutches (JASO MA approval)

Specification: JASO MA T903:2006; API SM, SL, SJ, SH, SG

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Motorex
Product Group Oil
Viscocity 5w40
Size 1 Litre
Oil Type 4 stroke
SKU 600796