Pro 2 SX 1 Litre

Product Code: 538815
Pro 2 SX 1 Litre

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The ultimate fully synthetic 2-stroke off road racing engine oil! Formulated using Electrosyntec Technology to provide exceptional anti-seize properties, usually only associated with castor-based oils. Grand Prix track experience has proven that PRO 2 SX provides the latest racing engines with outstanding load-carrying and cleanliness necessary for full power output, even at high fuel to oil ratios. Combats varnish and carbon deposits and is resistant to ring-sticking and plug fouling, helping to maintain full output for the track life of an engine. Contains special additives to prevent the throttle sticking in wet conditions, a problem experienced with some types of racing carburettors. Forms a highly effective seal between cylinder, piston and ring, enabling the engine to produce optimum power throughout the rev range. Extends engine life and can double crank life in certain applications.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fuchs Silkolene
Product Group Oil
Viscocity N/A
Size 1 Litre
Oil Type 2 stroke
SKU 538815