Renthal 971 MX Handlebars

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Renthal 971 MX Handlebars

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7/8" Diameter

The external diameter is 7/8"(22.2mm). This is a standard fitment found on most bikes. All controls are designed to meet this specific diameter.

7010 T6 Aluminium

Renthal has exclusive rights to this specially developed alloy, for the manufacture of handlebars. Designed specifically as a handlebar aluminium the material helps limit vibration.

Shot Peened

Millions of tiny steel shots are blasted at high velocity at the bar, breaking the surface tension of the material and leaving a textured surface finish. The process increases the fatigue life and durability of the bar.

Knurled End

The Clutch side of all 7/8" handlebars are knurled. This gives a larger bonding area when applying grips to the handlebar.

Anodised finish

The anodised surface finish provides an integral coating preventing corrosion. The 15 step process is carefully carried on on each bar individually.

Brace Clamps

Renthal's copyrighted brace clamps are a single bolt design, bonded to the surface of the handlebar. They give the handlebar a greater strength whilst maintaining a comfortable flex in the bar.

Positioning grid

Laser marked onto the centre of the handlebar, a detailed setup grip ensures you can centralise the bar in the mounts and accurately set the angle in the mounts.

Highest Quality

Each handlebar undergoes 35 individual process to manufacture. Constructed in house allows use to carefully manage and monitor production using over 58 separate quality checks through production.

SX Bar Pad

Every handlebar features the Renthal SX bar pad, designed to help prevent injury and provide a smart look to your bike. The Injection moulded foam is highest quality and wrapped in a durable pad cover.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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