TM524 Optimate Solar Battery Charger-Optimiser

Product Code: 678863
TM524 Optimate Solar Battery Charger-Optimiser

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  • The world’s most efficient solar pulse charge system that can save your ‘dead battery and provide safe long term maintenance.
  • OptiMate Solar employs an innovative charging technology to charge and effectively maintain your 12V battery from a standard solar panel.
  • OptiMate Solar converts the low power from the solar panel to high current pulses more effective for charging and maintenance of a 12V battery.
  • The OptiMate charge controller is separate to the panel and can be placed close to the vehicle or battery so that charge and maintenance progress can be easily followed.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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Manufacturer Optimate
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SKU 678863
Manufacturers Part No OPTSOLAR
Product Group Battery Charger Accessories