VD345JL Sintered Brake Pads

Product Code: 565007
VD345JL Sintered Brake Pads

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Vesrah Sintered Metal pads are manufactured for all-weather applications and high temperature stability.

  • All-Weather Driving : Metal on metal friction yields high heat and maintains higher temperatures without fading compared to organic pads. Any water on the rotor surface will evaporate almost instantly resulting in Quick Recovery of Braking Power during Wet conditions.
  • Stability : At high temperatures there is No softening or vaporizing as with organic materials.
  • Sintered metal maintains the same friction coefficients (0.49?}0.04) when operated within application temperatures.
  • Front vs. Rear Pads : Each pad is made differently for maximum efficiency, enjoyment and safety. Typically the pads are designed to provide soft braking in the front and hard braking in the rear.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Vesrah
Product Group Brake Pads
Pad Dimensions 1 N/A
Pad Dimensions 2 N/A
Pads per set N/A
Part position N/A
Manufacturers Part No 1013450
SKU 565007